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Honey, the world’s only non-perishable food,
is a sweet substance made from flower nectar by bees. Composed of more than 80% carbohydrates, it is rich in energy and relatively pure.

It consists mainly of two simple sugars : le fructose and glucose, which require no digestion and are easily and directly absorbed by the body. Honey also contains a small amount of potassium and traces of other nutrients.

Did you know…

…For just one kilo of honey, bees must make 50,000 flights and pollinate millions of flowers. One bee consumes 3 milligrams of honey per day (average value per year)?

…The taste of honey varies from season to season. Do you prefer spring or fall honey?

Miel JacomielHealth Benefits of Honey

Did you know that honey…

  • Is a natural sweetener?
  • Can prevent insomnia?
  • Can soothe a sore throat?
  • Can improve athletic performance?
  • Can heal cuts and burns?
  • Can hydrate skin and hair?
  • Can help lower bad cholesterol?
  • Can prevent acne?
  • Can help control low blood sugar?
  • Can prevent dandruff or flaky skin?
  • Can be part of your daily beauty treatment?
  • Can strengthen your immune system?

In short, honey is a superfood with multiple health benefits!