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Coming this Spring, BULK HONEY & JACOSELLO will be available in city of Gatineau ! 

Magasin général Northfield Northfield General Store Gracefield (Northfield) Convenient store, take out and a wide variety of home made products.
Chocolaterie MC Chanloin MC Chaloin Chocolate Factory Gracefield Master chocolatier for four generations. Italian ice creams, freshly roasted coffee & more.
Mini-marché Courtney Courtney's Mini-market Gracefield Convenient store and bakery.
Boucherie à l'ancienne Boucherie à l'ancienne Maniwaki All kinds of fresh meat, pre-prepared meals, seafood, home smoked products, delicatessen, caterer service and much more.
Marché Kaz Magasin Jardin 353 Store Kazabazua Convenient store and fresh baked products.
Boulangerie La mie sous la croûte La mie sous la croûte Bakery Maniwaki Freshly baked breads and local products.
Gargantini Chez Gargantini Maniwaki Organic products, gluten free food, food products of high quality, tea and coffee available in bulk.
La Mesure La Mesure Bulk Market Maniwaki A wide range of wet and dry products available in bulk.